How to spend less time doing admin and more time growing your business

You need a lot of passion when it comes to starting and growing your business. However, that passion can take a backseat when the reality of administrative work set in. And as meaningful as admin work is, it can be time-consuming. This can create a big problem in your business. Basically, the more time you spend on admin work, the less time your business has to make money.

Keep these facts in mind:

  • Admin work takes up business hours that clients do not pay for directly
  • Small businesses in the UK spend about 71 days every year on administrative tasks
  • Tasks such as regulatory and operational issues, accounting, recruiting, and paperwork are the main burdens of small businesses in the UK
  • Businesses can lose up to a third of their work time on administrative tasks

So, how can you cut down on administrative tasks so they no longer impact on you growing your business? Well, for one thing, you can look into how to automate these routine tasks, but one of the quickest and most reliable methods is opting for the services of a Virtual Assistant.

Here’s a list of some of the main benefits to be gleaned from outsourcing your admin work to a Virtual Assistant.


One of the worst mistakes you can ever do as a business owner is to attempt to do everything yourself. Not only is this time-wasting, but you will hardly be able to get anything finished. You may consider it too expensive to recruit admin staff into your team. A far less expensive option is to outsource your admin work to a professional Virtual Assistant. They are readily available to take on any sort of admin task so that you can focus more on growing your business.

Multi-tasking and automation

If you want to fully automate your admin tasks, a Virtual Assistant can help with that. Experienced Virtual Assistants will have good knowledge of available tools to help systemise and automate your admin workflow. You will be able to shave off those simple and repetitive tasks that take up too much of your business time. Virtual Assistants are also great at multitasking several duties such as management of calendar, email management, travel bookings, as well as data entry. All you need to do is effectively communicate the work that needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and what the expected results should look like.

Lower costs when growing your business

A Virtual Assistant is a more preferred option to real assistants from a cost-effective standpoint. Hiring an in-house staff member means you’ll also need to come up with additional training costs, added cost for the extra space needed, taxes, insurance, and the usual long list of responsibilities that comes with hiring an employee. When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you don’t have any of those cost implications.

Better utilisation of resources

There is a wealth of low-cost, experienced, and knowledgeable individuals online and a growing number of websites that allow you to access these services. As your company grows, instead of increasing your staff numbers, invest in a Virtual Assistant or two. This limits the extra support needed and allows you to effectively manage or utilise the resources you are currently using.

Opt for software

Fortunately, there are several types of software that you can use as a business owner to ease the burden of administrative work and focus on growing your business. Different types of software will allow you to remove the problem of repetitive administrative work through automation. You can also make more time for productive business work by outsourcing the management of this software to a virtual assistant.

Whatever the task may be, you can almost always find an online resource to complete it for you. And if that includes outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant or other freelancer, be sure to review them well. Check out their recent reviews and browse through the services they have provided to other clients, before making your decision on the best Virtual Assistant for you.

If you’re ready to spend less time doing admin and more time growing your business, get in touch below! Let’s have an initial chat to see how Exact Executives can help you free up your time, and for you to see how easy it can be to start outsourcing some of those tasks on your to-do list!