Is remote working a growing trend and how does it impact your business?

If there is one thing that this pandemic situation has taught us all, it’s that when bosses said remote working wasn't possible, they were wrong! Remote working is one of the biggest advantages of the digital era that we have today. It has a positive impact on employees, and when employees are happy, they work better and are far more productive.

Remote working is a growing trend. The impact on business has always been the reason most employers have held back on allowing staff to work remotely from other locations. The thing is, remote working has been the saviour for some companies during this lockdown; without it, they would have folded. It’s a very positive thing for a business to introduce. Why? Well, there are several reasons, as detailed below.

Saving money

Remote working may not sound like a money saver, but when you look at it properly you can cut your budgets down massively. Remote working means that your employees and teams can work outside of an office environment. Whether it’s your sales team, your admin or even your PA, people can work from their homes, without a need to commute. What does this mean for your budget? Well, when people work from home you’re not spending money on office rent or utilities anymore, or paying for travel costs! That is a massive weight off your shoulders when trying to keep your business afloat; especially if it’s a new business.

Changing communication methods

Working from home eliminates the need for continuous board meetings. Not only are you able to communicate with your team via a range of platforms such as Skype and Zoom, but you can also use online chats and phone calls. It changes the way you all speak to each other, as group chats become the most common way to talk.

Less stress

When you are working from home, you are giving your team the chance to get out of the daily commute.It’s one of the biggest reasons why employees are so stressed - many of them are adding an hour or two to their working day, commuting between home and the office. Remote working removes this stress and allows people to learn better time management, whilst completing their work tasks in a timeframe that suits them.

It opens up your recruitment options

Choosing to have your team working remotely can mean that you can cast a wider net when it comes to recruitment. Time zones pending, you can hire the best talent from around the world and inject a little boost into your business as a result. You’re also no longer limited to whom you can hire and restricted to in-house recruitment. You’re able to hire remote workers such as Virtual Assistants, to help support your business, working only on the hours you need them for.

Better productivity

Giving your staff flexibility in their working is an amazing gift to give them. They work better knowing that they can do their work in their own time. Employees look for employers that care about what they need, and if you embrace remote working, you will have a better, more motivated workforce. A workforce that isn’t dependent on location and in-house staff. Remote working is a growing trend and it’s easy to see why. Embrace it today and see how your employees respond.

If you’re ready to embrace remote working to help you grow your business, get in touch below and see how Exact Executives can help. We can work remotely with your business, no matter where in the world you are - and giving you access to the support you need, when you need it.