Is poor time management a symptom or a cause?

Picture the scene: you have a pile of emails waiting to be read and answered, you have deadlines to meet and you are due to pick up the kids from school. Instead of working your way through your tasks, you’re sitting on the sofa, watching mindless daytime TV. All of the jobs you have to do won’t take you very long; a couple of hours at the most, but sitting down has taken precedent. You’re putting things off - but is it down to poor time management or pure procrastination?

Poor time management can be a symptom and a cause

Well, poor time management can be a symptom AND a cause of procrastination. You know that when you work efficiently you can get stuff done, but you’re making a choice not to when you procrastinate. It’s easy to push away work when it’s something that you don't want to do, but really, if you manage your time properly you can get it done and also do the things that you want to do. When you make a schedule in life, you can sleep better, eat better and get your work done early enough in the day that it doesn't impact on your remaining time. Time management is important if you want to manage business tasks effectively, otherwise you’re just wasting time.

Bad habits can lead to poor time management

The thing is, when you aren't sleeping properly or you’re sleeping too late in the night and you’re allowing your work to build up, you’re going to need some help. Poor time management because of procrastination leads to bad habits and puts you behind in your business. The good news, though, is that there are plenty of things that you can do to solve it. You don't have to deal with procrastination if you learn how to get some help from outside sources.

Poor time management and overwhelm

If you have a bucket load of work to do, the smartest thing that you can do is to ask for help outside your business from a Virtual Assistant or outsource to an expert. Sometimes, procrastination and poor time management occur because you feel overwhelmed by the sheer pile of things to do in front of you. By handing off tasks to other sources, you are taking that pressure off your shoulders and you can feel confident that tasks will still be correctly completed.

It’s not a weakness, to ask for help. Outsourcing your marketing and IT, for example, would help you to do a better job than you already are. After all, they’re the experts. By handing your administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you’re going to be able to manage other tasks that have to be completed by you, far better. You're going to be able to manage your time better with the weight off you, and you’re going to find that others are able to efficiently help.

Poor time management can be a symptom and a cause. The key is to learn to be observant as to what’s going on for you and how you feel as a result. If you’ve created bad habits and they’re impacting on you, you have a chance to change them. And if you’re procrastinating because you’re overwhelmed, it’s time to start outsourcing.

But ultimately, if you’re doing tasks you don’t want to do and that’s leading to poor time management symptoms, it’s time to make a choice. Do you want to continue doing tasks you have no interest in, or is it time to either outsource them or change business direction altogether. But as ever, the choice is one you will need to make if you don’t want your business to suffer.

If you’re ready to explore how a Virtual Assistant can help you end those poor time management habits, why not get in touch? When you outsource your tasks to Exact Executives, you’ll be able to free up your time and grow your business faster, without doing tasks you no longer want to do!