Do you find that your day goes by too quickly and you still haven’t done half of the things you needed to get done?

Here are my Top Tips to being more organised and making the most of your day:

How much time do you have available?

  • Work out how much time you actually have in your / day week to do what you need to do (no procrastinating or TV time included).


  • Work out what your priorities are for that day and how long each task is likely to take.
  • Write to do lists – (who doesn’t love a list!) - ticking the tasks off as you do them is actually very satisfying and gives you a sense of achievement at the end of a day.
  • Do the most important on the list first but it’s also good to get the most time-consuming or least liked things done early on as these are usually the ones to be left to last or not done at all.

Plan and Manage your time

  • Allocate pockets of time to get tasks done in your day. Don’t spend all your time focusing on one thing as you’ll find if you spend too long on something you will become less productive.
  • Take a break – make sure you take regular breaks away from your laptop, make a cup of tea, go for a short walk – all these things refresh your thinking and will give you back more focus when you return to the task.
  • Don’t waste time – taking regular breaks is a necessity but make sure you don’t get distracted and breaks then turn into wasted time. To be more productive with your day don’t spend hours in front of the TV or scrolling endlessly through social media.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help

  • If your to-do list is becoming too much and too time-consuming, look at whether you can delegate or outsource any of those tasks.
  • Shop online rather than spend ages in the supermarket or shops (take into account the time it takes to get there and back too). If budget allows hire a cleaner, gardener, chef! (Ok maybe I’m getting carried away).
  • Use apps or software to ease the burden of everyday tasks. Whatever the task may be, you can almost always find an online resource to complete it for you.

If you are still overwhelmed with your daily tasks and need an efficient solution to be able to spend less time doing admin and lifestyle chores and have more time to grow your business or spend with your family, get in touch! Let’s have an initial chat to see how Exact Executives can help you free up your time, and for you to see how easy it can be to start outsourcing some of those tasks on your to-do list!

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash